Ariel Makes a Tempest - pen and ink on heavy Bristol board - 45x75cm - 2013


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Ariel sets out his terms


I’d like to see you raise a storm—

I’m waiting: I’m waiting for the hail,

and the rising seas, and the vessel perturbed

(the sails sheer-reefed) — I’d like to hear

the rigging shriek — green water crashing on the deck—

and sense the fear, and see the flaming corposant.


But you can’t. Well, I’ll do your dirty work

pejoratively. And, when all’s over,

I’ll stand in the dock and cry my innocence:


but only if you perjure your witness-self

on oath. I exact a heavy price for acting

as I do, and doing as you say. Spirits


such as I command alacrity.


David Wheldon, 2011









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